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The Grande Prairie Taekwondo School has classes for beginners on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6:00 - 7:00 at our building (9917 - 97 Ave).

Those interested can try out a couple of classes before making the decision to join.

We have different Introductory Specials so contact us for more information.


Taekwondo martial arts are Korean based and 'back in the day' were called "Korean Karate".  The name Taekwondo basically  (loosely) means 'The art of Kicking & Punching' or 'The Way of the Hand & Foot'.

The fundamental elements are;

- Patterns/forms (Poomsae) - Except for the first belt test for while belts, each belt level has a form made up of a series of Taekwondo movements (blocking, punching, kicking, etc.) for the practitioner to learn.  These movements start with basic techniques which get more difficult with the higher belt tests.  The form helps in the development of the movements from both a defensive as well as a offensive stand point.

- Sparring (Kyorugi) - Taekwondo although a martial art where values, tenets and morals are taught is an international sport with many world games including the Olympics.  Tournaments are also held on a local level with tournaments all over Alberta and Canada and of course in other countries.  Students who compete in tournaments can 'test' their skills against others.  Competitions are also held for patterns and some tournaments also have competitions in other aspects of Taekwondo - fast kick, high kick, pair patterns, team patterns, breaking. Taekwondo is one of the largest sports practiced in the world.

- Breaking (Kyukpa) - Each belt level has breaking requirements.  Simple breaks for the beginner (front kick) on thinner boards begin the process of developing speed, power and technique so as to be able to show breaking techniques that are sometimes hard to believe.

- Self Defense (Hosinsul) - although students will learn practical self defense to protect themselves they will also learn self defense to prevent them from getting into situations as well as methods to diffuse potentially violent situations.  Actually, using practical self defense against an attacker is a last resort.

There are other skills taught that are immeasurable;

- Children - many soft skills are required to be able to fit into society and excel above others.  Listening skills, teaching responsibility, learning self discipline are only a few.

- Adults - learning how to be healthy and fit is the bottom line while leaning the art of Taekwondo.

- Adults (older) - practicing Taekwondo gives the practitioner a distinct advantage over others.  Maintaining strength, balance & flexibility is paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle of hygiene and diet.  Many older adults (50 - 70) have received black belts and helped them to live a better, pain free life.


COME OUT AND TRY A COUPLE OF CLASSES - you'll find the environment at our school relaxed and friendly.

Start your new life style while learning a martial art to become a better you.


For more information, please come down or call us at 780-539-7119


GRANDE PRAIRIE TAEKWONDO SCHOOL - 1973 - 2023 - celebrating our 50 year anniversary.